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DataFlux enables organizations to analyze, improve and control their data through an integrated technology platform. With DataFlux enterprise data quality and data integration products, organizations can more effectively and efficiently build a unified view of customers, products, suppliers or any other corporate data asset. A wholly owned subsidiary of SAS (, DataFlux helps customers rapidly assess and improve problematic data, and build the foundation for enterprise data governance. To learn more visit
IBM As the world’s largest information technology company, IBM has 80+ years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. Together with key Business Partners, IBM delivers services, solutions and technologies enabling customers to create an Information On Demand environment. Learn more about how IBM enables customers to gain powerful business insights by better accessing business information -- combing through vast quantities of data quickly, thoroughly and analytically with sharp precision -- to identify new opportunities and gain competitive advantage.
AMB AMB-PDM, an innovation leader in Data Profiling/Quality and Management, providing complete data control without the need of a support team. New Generation Data Empowerment technology has the capability to source/read and process data from IBM DB2/UDB, IBM Z/OZ DB2, IBM AS400/DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata and Flat Files. AMB-PDM also provides Service Oriented Architecture offerings (SOA), which includes Real-Time Golden Record Master Data Management (MDM) Discovery and Outlier Discovery for Fraud and Statistical Accuracy.
Operari The Operari Group specializes in developing integrated information and process management solutions, based on six-sigma principles. We understand that at the heart of every business decision is timely, relevant, and accurate information. We have the experience it takes to deliver an information architecture, customer-centric processes, and performance to enable your organization to exceed goals. We’ve worked with some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world … how can we help you?
Pervasive Data quality an issue, especially on high-volume data flows? Need to connect legacy data and applications, SaaS systems, ERP systems, CDI and MDM projects in hours/days not weeks/months? Pervasive’s hyperfast Data Profiler and agile integration technology provides a multi-purpose platform for scenarios including data warehouses, real-time integration and trading partner/customer data exchange. Thousands of satisfied customers (including healthcare and financial services), lowest total cost of ownership in many scenarios, 20+ years experience. 1-888-296-5969 •
B-Eye Network

The BeyeNETWORK™ focuses on business intelligence, performance management, data warehousing, data integration and data quality, serving these communities with unparalleled industry coverage and resources. Content hosted by domain experts and industry leaders is delivered through articles, white papers, blogs, podcasts, research and more. For the most up to date information in the industry, register for a free newsletter today!

Data Strategy Journal Data Strategy Journal (DSJ) is a new, bi-monthly publication focused on the intersection of data management and business strategy. Every issue of DSJ will bring you original articles, interviews, analysis, research, case studies, and multimedia content by leaders in the field. Our objective is to provide rapid insight into current trends and ideas, plus concise recommendations on the steps you can take to exploit these opportunities.
The Insurance Data Management Association, Inc., an independent, non-profit, professional, learned association, is dedicated to increasing the level of professionalism, knowledge, and visibility of insurance data management. IDMA maintains a curriculum for developing insurance statistical, data administration, and data quality professionals. Successful completion brings professional certification. IDMA also offers seminars, forums, roundtables, newsletters, white papers, an Inventory of Carrier Reports, collaboration with other professional and learned associations, and other ongoing professional activities.
  The International Journal of Information Quality is a quarterly, refereed and highly professional journal covering theories, practices, strategies, infrastructure, dimensions, modelling and tools for information quality in modern organisations, to address the cliché of “drowning in data and starving of information” which afflicts many institutions today. It forms part of Inderscience’s substantial portfolio of IT/IS titles, which are in themselves part of a computing-related collection comprising some 150 titles.
Meta-Data Professional Organization, Inc. The Meta-Data Professional Organization (MPO) is a non-profit, international professional association comprised of business and IT professionals in all areas of meta-data practice. MPO provides a community that fosters discussion, advancement and increased understanding of meta-data as it is applied in the field. The MPO seeks to disseminate technical and professional information to meta-data practitioners of all levels of experience.
TDAN The Data Administration Newsletter is an electronic newsletter that focuses on the exchange of ideas between individuals related to data administration. Every article focuses on tips, techniques, and strategies on how to manage corporate data as a valued asset.