T9: A Primer on Data Quality Measurement and Control
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  Thomas Redman   Thomas Redman
The Data Doc
Data Quality Solutions


Tuesday, September 23, 2008
08:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Level:  Intermediate

Few subjects in data quality management inspire more dread than measurement and control. There are so many options and most are expensive, fraught with peril, and devastatingly difficult. Worse, management rarely understands the results anyway.

This workshop aims to prove that it doesn’t have to be this way. It presents some simple ways to think about data quality measurement and control, start quickly and effectively, and do more as you and your organization gain experience. We’ll cover the following:
• A simple framework for understanding the dizzying array of measurement options and selecting appropriate ones for your organization
• “How-to” view measurement as a process
• “How-to” get your hands dirty with some simple measurements and evolve to more sophisticated ones
• “How-to” measure accuracy
• “How-to” present results in simple, powerful ways to compel management action
• A simple framework for understanding “control,” and
• What you really need to know about statistical process control (SPC), but were afraid to ask

All in a fast-paced, interactive, workshop-style.

Thomas C. Redman, “the Data Doc,” is President of Navesink Consulting Group, which he founded in 1996. Dr. Redman was the first to extend quality principles to data and information and he is the leading inventor of practical techniques that help organizations improve. His clients often report from order-of-magnitude improvements and reap many benefits. Prior to founding Navesink, Tom established the AT&T Bell Laboratories Data Quality Lab in 1987 and led it until 1995. Recently hehas turned his attention to the nettlesome issues associated with integrating “data governance” into organizations. Dr. Redman has written dozens of papers and three books. Data Quality: The Field Guide, is generally recognized as the leader. His fourth, Data Drive: Profiting from Your Most Important Asset is to be published by Harvard Business School Press in 2008. Dr. Redman holds two patents.

Tom is an IAIDQ Co-Founder.

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